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  • Our systems aggregate links shared by multiple people into single items.
  • Our algorithms carefully evaluate each item for relevance and readability.
  • Finally, Murmel selects among the most popular and informative items to deliver to your inbox or RSS reader
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What is Murmel?

Murmel is an end-to-end time-saver for busy individuals. Are you a journalist, a researcher, or simply anyone interested in knowing more than their peers? We bet that you are spending a significant portion of your day online, searching for that extra bit that will put you ahead of the competition.

That must be exhausting. We know how you feel because we have been there too. That's why we set out to build Murmel.

Murmel is a social media aggregator. Like a careful dog buddy, it keeps an eye on your Mastodon timeline and spots a handful of news, articles, and resources that it knows you would love reading. It then puts those together in a single, daily digest, so you can start your day refreshed and without distraction.

How do we pick the best sources?

Murmel keeps note of every time a link, an article, or a relevant piece of news has been mentioned by the people you follow on Mastodon. When two or more people talk about the same thing, it's a good indication that you may also find it interesting. If you want to see this in action, check out our Top Stories page.

On top of that, we use additional methods to identify whether a resource is trending on Mastodon or readable. Yes, we can do that too. We have a series of artificial intelligence augmentations within Murmel and plan to add a few more soon. Imagine being able to see right away if a piece of news is genuine or fake, determine its political leaning, etc.

What do you need for a start?

Only a Mastodon account. We will take care of everything else. You will receive a daily email digest from us containing the links that Murmel considered relevant for you. You can tweak when and how often you receive those digests. If you are eager to receive news as they become trendy among your Mastodon crowd, you can also subscribe to receive alerts emails.

Imagine a day spent doing your best creative work or giving those you love the full attention they deserve. A day spent without constantly scrolling Mastodon or craving for that extra bit of new information. A day in which you get all the information you need (and some) delivered to your inbox, rather than spending precious time and energy.

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