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There are 6 Billion Earth-Like Planets in the Milky Way Galaxy Alone, Astronomers Suggest · Jan 30

Maybe you think one Earth is enough. But what if there were billions? Researchers make a new estimate that the number of Earth-like planets in our Mil

ChatGPT’s Mind-Boggling, Possibly Dystopian Impact on the Media World · Jan 30

Is artificial intelligence “useful for journalism” or a “misinformation superspreader”? With CNET mired in controversy, Jonah Peretti promising “endless opportunities,” and Steven Brill warning of AI’s weaponization, the industry is only just coming to grips with this jaw-dropping t...

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The happiest number I've heard in ages · Jan 31

Doing the right thing makes other right things happen

Shared by @wendyinfutures
Dr Wendy L Schultz (@wendyinfutures) · Jan 31
RT @MikeHudema: If we switched to #renewableenergy, the number of ships crossing the ocean would fall by 40% because they're just carrying…

Longevity Startup VitaDAO Raises $4.1m, Backed By Pfizer, Balaji Srinivasan · Jan 30

The web transformed life as we know it, allowing new ways of working, solving problems, and distributing currency.

I Work for CNET’s Parent Company. Its AI-Generated Articles Disgust Me. · Jan 30

I work for Red Ventures, which owns the tech news site CNET and many others — which the company is now pumping full of articles churned out by a shadowy AI.

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Aristocracy of Mediocrity · Jan 30

There’s a lot of ignorant white men of my generation that react to any progress on the left with an almost Pavlovian response of ‘liberals are bad’. Any perceived progress by Democrats is seen as a loss for their team whether they understand the benefits or not.

Shared by @jimmath
🦅Patriotic, AntiFash, Mask Wearing American 🦅 (@jimmath) · Jan 30
RT @caslernoel: "Men who erroneously view guns and pickup trucks as symbols of freedom while their healthcare, education and Social Securit…
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ChatGPT Forced To Take Bar Exam Even Though Dream Was To Be AI Art Bot · Jan 30

MINNEAPOLIS—Succumbing to intense societal pressure, local software ChatGPT was reportedly forced to take the bar exam Monday even though its dream was to be an AI art bot. “I can’t help but feel like I sold out a bit by not following my dreams to be a generative art model,” said the chat...

Shared by @garrygolden
Garry Golden (@garrygolden) · Jan 30
RT @TheOnion: ChatGPT Forced To Take Bar Exam Even Though Dream Was To Be AI Art Bot
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Guillermo del Toro: ‘Childhood now is an absolute certainty that the doomsday clock is ticking’ · Jan 31

The Pinocchio director on ‘end-of-days cinema’ – and why he’s turned Carlo Collodi’s dark fairytale into a stop-motion fascist fable

Shared by @GreatDismal
William Gibson (@GreatDismal) · Jan 31
RT @DiscussingFilm: Guillermo del Toro is developing a new stop-motion film, which will be an adaption of Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘THE BURIED GIAN…

Harrowing images of cobalt mines in Congo where kids dig for $2-a-day · Jan 30

A new series of images taken from inside cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo raise uncomfortable questions for American tech companies claiming to be 'clean'.

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US general warns British Army no longer top-level fighting force, defence sources reveal · Jan 30

Rishi Sunak risks failing in his role as "wartime prime minister" unless he takes urgent action given the growing security threat posed by Vladimir Putin, it has been warned, with calls for a significant hike in spending.

Shared by @leashless
Vinay (@leashless) · Jan 30
RT @haynesdeborah: EXCLUSIVE: A senior US general has privately told UK Defence Secretary @BWallaceMP the @BritishArmy is no longer regarde…
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