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Worth reading

"Career & Family": Professor Claudia Goldin

draliceevans.com · Oct 15

Professor Claudia Goldin joins me to discuss her new book, "Career & Family: Women's Century-Long Journey Toward Equity": You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify etc. Why do men dominate top jobs? Alice Evans: Let's plunge head first into the patriarchy. My first question, men dominate b...

Worth reading

Future Perfect, explained

vox.com · Oct 15

A note from Dylan Matthews, lead writer of Future Perfect, on its mission.

Review: Ross Douthat's The Deep Places

freddiedeboer.substack.com · Oct 14

I write to become more fully myself; I read to inhabit the lives of other people. That I much prefer reading to writing may tell you something uncomfortable about me. Though I am as enamored of movies and TV shows and music and video games as anyone else, reading has had a unique hold on my life ...

Ronald Findlay, 1935-2021

irisheconomy.ie · Oct 15

Ronald Findlay, who died late last week, was one of the finest trade theorists of his generation. Born in Rangoon in 1935, his first papers appeared in the QJE and Oxford Economic Papers in 1959.&n…

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