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Yandex scrapes Google and other SEO learnings from the source code leak · Jan 30

Yandex isn't Google, but there is a lot SEOs can learn about how a modern search engine is built from reviewing this codebase.

Shared by @OnlineMarktn_de and one other. (@OnlineMarktn_de) · Jan 31
RT @searchmartin: Holy crap - if you read one thing, and one thing alone about the Yandex leak, this should be it: Balanced, reasoned,…
Aleyda Solis 🇺🇦 (@aleyda) · Jan 30
RT @iPullRank: New post from yours truly on @sengineLAND about my findings from the Yandex codebase leak: If you…

Showtime to Be Rebranded 'Paramount+ with Showtime,' Added to Paramount+ Premium Tier · Jan 31

It’s been a long time coming, but later this year, Paramount Global will finally fully integrate the streaming arm of its premium cable channel Showtime into its flagship streaming service Paramount+. To mark the …

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Shared by @wabdoteth
wab.eth ❁ (@wabdoteth) · Jan 31
RT @OhBabyGames: GM! We're happy to announce that we've raised a $6 Million Seed Round led by @egirl_capital & @Synergiscap to redefine Web…

Marqeta buys fintech Power Finance in $275M all-cash deal, its first acquisition · Jan 30

New York-based Power Finance has raised a total of $16.1 million in venture funding since its 2021 inception.

Twitter research group stall complicates compliance with new EU law · Jan 30

The stalling of a Twitter program that was critical for outside researchers studying disinformation campaigns throws into question the company's strategy to comply with upcoming regulation in Europe, former employees and experts told Reuters.

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Reservisten für die Ausbildung ukrainischer Soldaten gesucht - Reservistenverband Brandenburg · Jan 30

Gestern erreichte den Reservistenverband die Bitte des Einsatzführungskommandos der Bundeswehr bei der schnellen Suche nach ca. 50 Reservistinnen und Reservisten, die im Rahmen einer Reservedienstleistung bei der Ausbildung befreundeter Streitkräfte […]

Shared by @matthiasfuchs_
matthias fuchs (@matthiasfuchs_) · Jan 30
RT @ResBrandenburg: Die #Bundeswehr sucht #Reservist|innen und Reservisten mit UKR/RUS-Sprachkenntnissen bzw. Erfahrung auf und mit dem Sch…

Xbox will force gamers to power down to fight climate change, touting the first 'carbon aware console' · Jan 30

Microsoft announced in a recent news post that it will force gamers into powering down their Xbox consoles in order to fight climate change as part of the company's campaign for "building a more sustainable future of gaming."The company announced its intention to become a "zero waste" company by ...

Quantum sensing startup Q-CTRL raises another $27.4M · Jan 30

Q-CTRL, a Sydney-headquartered quantum sensing startup that help reduces errors on a quantum computer, said it has raised $27.4 million.

The Lost Boys · Jan 30

What to do about the deadly misfits among us? First, recognize the problem.

Shared by @JasonHirschhorn
Jason Hirschhorn (@JasonHirschhorn) · Jan 30
RT @RadioFreeTom: Many of the reactions to this article here are convincing me that we are never going to solve any of the pieces of this p…

Marie Kondo räumt nicht mehr auf · Jan 30

Mit ihren Entrümpelungstipps wurde sie international bekannt, nun räumt Marie Kondo offenbar nicht mehr auf.

Shared by @LenaRogl
Magdalena Rogl (@LenaRogl) · Jan 30
RT @Marco_Krahl: Die gute Nachricht der Woche: Aufräumexpertin Marie Kondo hat aufgehört, ihr Zuhause ordentlich zu halten. Ausschlaggebe…
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