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Sleeve + Booster Bundle | Free Shaker · Sep 29

Wave Esports Merchandise - Fashion - Esports Shop the most recent Wave apparel, gaming gear and equipment

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Shared by @sanneweber
Susanne Weber (@sanneweber) · Sep 30
RT @CharlesMichel: 27 leaders condemn the illegal annexation. We do not and will never recognise the sham 'referenda'. We will never rec…

SPÖ soll Verkehrsberuhigung ohne Videoüberwachung im ersten Bezirk grundlos verhindert haben · Sep 30

Datenschützer erheben schwere Vorwürfe gegen die SPÖ: Sie soll ein Konzept ohne technische Überwachung mit vorgeschobenen Argumenten verhindert haben

Shared by @epicenter_works and one other. (@epicenter_works) · Sep 30
Die @SPOE_at hat einen günstigen, umfassenden & effektiven Plan zur Verkehrsreduktion in der Wiener Innenstadt mit Datenschutz- & Grundrechtsbedenken abgelehnt ❌🌳 Wie passt das zu den teuren, ineffektiven & grundrechtsgefährdenden Überwachungskameras? 🕵️…

Why build any fintech any more when you can just raise €20M and white-label it to banks? · Sep 29

Toqio raises €18.7M Series A investment led by AlbionVC and includes Aldea Ventures, as well as previous investors Seaya Ventures, Speedinvest, SIX FinTech Ventures and angel investors, including Leandro Sigman, Board Member at Endeavor Spain. Plus, there is a €1.3M grant from The Centre for ...

Amazon launches live commerce in India · Sep 30

Amazon has quietly rolled out its live commerce offering in India, bringing an army of creators to host livestreams and sell products.

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Die Sudetenkrise · Sep 30

Im "Münchener Abkommen" vom 29. September 1938 stimmten Großbritannien, Frankreich und Italien der Annexion des Sudentenlandes durch das nationalsozialistische Deutschland zu. Die Hoffnung, hiermit den Ausbruch eines großen Krieges zu verhindern, sollte sich aber schon bald zerschlagen.

Shared by @StefanHennewig
Stefan Hennewig (@StefanHennewig) · Sep 30
RT @oliverdasgupta: Heute vor 84 Jahren erlaubten Großbritannien und Frankreich dem deutschen Diktator #Hitler, Teile Tschechiens zu annekt…

Meta's Make-A-Video AI achieves a new, nightmarish state of the art · Sep 29

Meta's Make-A-Video creates videos from text prompts, and it's impressive but... there's no other word for it. It's nightmarish.

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Google is shutting down Stadia · Sep 29

Google’s cloud gaming service launched three years ago.

Shared by @Montana_Wong
Montana Wong (@Montana_Wong) · Sep 29
RT @tomwarren: BREAKING: Google is closing down its Stadia cloud streaming service. The service will remain live until January 18th, 2023.…
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Google Stadia is shutting down in January, all purchases will be refunded · Sep 29

After nearly three years of operation, Google is shutting down its game streaming service Stadia, effective January 2023.

Ukraine advance on Russian outpost challenges Putin’s grip on Donbas · Sep 30

Ukrainian troops are moving to capture the Russian-held eastern town of Lyman, threatening a new setback for Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin's campaign in the Donbas as he prepares to declare the region part of Russia.

Shared by @mspro
Michael Seemann (@mspro) · Sep 30
RT @TheStudyofWar: "The collapse of the [Russian] pocket around #Lyman may allow - depending on how Ukrainian forces decide to pursue furth…
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