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Twitter Admits in Court Filing: Elon Musk Is Simply Wrong About Government Interference At Twitter · Jun 06

It is amazing the degree to which some people will engage in confirmation bias and believe absolute nonsense, even as the facts show the opposite is true. Over the past few months, we’ve gone throu…

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Tom Zeller Jr. (@tomzellerjr) · Jun 07
I'd be curious to know how @mtaibbi, @bariweiss, and @shellenberger view these legal filings on behalf of Twitter. It certainly seems as though the company's own attorneys are arguing that the breathless #TwitterFiles reporting was ... bullshit?…
Josh Weinberger ( on Mastodon) (@kitson) · Jun 06
RT @wexler: There are a lot of similarities between Musk and Trump, but this is a big one: the boss saying one thing to media while the law…
Alex Howard (@digiphile) · Jun 06
RT @digiphile: “Basically, @Twitter’s own lawyers are admitting in a court filing that the guy who owns their company is spewing utter nons…
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What if We’re Thinking About Inflation All Wrong? · Jun 06

Isabella Weber’s heterodox ideas about government price controls are transforming policy in the United States and across Europe.

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Michael Luo (@michaelluo) · Jun 06
Really interesting piece by @zachdcarter about @IsabellaMWeber. "If you can understand Weber’s once forbidden theories, you can understand just how dramatically Washington’s economic assumptions have changed during the past two years..."…
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Comer Tries To Run The First Trump Impeachment In Reverse · Jun 06

After weeks of clamoring and buildup, House Oversight Committee chair Rep. James...

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PGA Tour agrees to merge with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf · Jun 06

The PGA Tour is merging with Saudi-backed rival LIV Golf, following months of tensions and mounting lawsuits between the competitors.

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Ban Phones From All Schools · Jun 06

Smartphones impede learning, stunt relationships, and lessen belonging.

New York Prisons Just Blocked Journalism Behind Bars · Jun 06

A new policy prohibits incarcerated people from publishing writing or art without permission — and from getting paid.

Fox News is trying to keep Jeanine Pirro away from conservative events | Semafor · Jun 07

Fox discouraged Jeanine Pirro from participating in two recent book promotion events, sources said.

'Ducking hell' to disappear from Apple autocorrect · Jun 06

One of the most common swear words will no longer be automatically changed when you type out a message.

CNN's PR team has a new boss | Semafor · Jun 06

The PR team no longer reports to the embattled CEO.

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The ‘Grey’s’ Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For: Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl on Ghost Sex, Operating on Dead Animal Parts, Shonda Rhimes and More · Jun 06

When Ellen Pompeo sees Katherine Heigl before our photo shoot, she offers a greeting worthy of Barbra Streisand. “Hello, gorgeous!” Pompeo exclaims, giving Heigl a hug. And suddenly, it’s like no t…

Shared by @KateAurthur
Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) · Jun 06
RT @Variety: Ellen Pompeo fought against Meredith Grey’s famous “pick me, choose me, love me” moment: “In the scene, I’m crying, but I’m r…
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