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Labour surges to 33-point lead over Tories in YouGov poll · Sep 29

Labour has surged to a 33-point poll lead over the Conservatives after a week of market turmoil triggered by Liz Truss’s tax-cutting budget. The YouGov poll f

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Hilary Mantel saw things that others couldn’t · Sep 30

The prizewinning author of the “Wolf Hall” trilogy died on September 22nd, aged 70

How does underwater sabotage work? · Sep 30

European officials suspect that Russia attacked Baltic gas pipelines

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Trans charity Mermaids is not being investigated despite right-wing media reports · Sep 30

Trans youth charity Mermaids is still not being investigated by the Charity Commission over "safeguarding red flags", despite media reports.

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No, trans youth charity Mermaids isn't being investigated by Charity Commission · Sep 30

Rumours that the Charity Commission is "investigating" trans youth charity Mermaids over safeguarding concerns are false.

Shared by @HJoyceGender
Helen Joyce (@HJoyceGender) · Sep 30
RT @simonjedge: Hey @benjamincohen you may want to update this story, which is still live on your site. I’d hate to think of you misleading…
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Trans charity Mermaids is a scandal unfolding before our eyes · Sep 29

Concerns about Mermaids, which received £500,000 in lottery funding, increased following the appointment as CEO of Susie Green (pictured), who has no medical training.

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Voting Intention: Con 21%, Lab 54% (28-29 Sep 2022) | YouGov · Sep 30

Labour open up 33 point vote intention lead in wake of mini-budget chaos

Shared by @michaelreid52
Michael Reid (@michaelreid52) · Sep 30
RT @YouGov: Our latest VI poll has Labour with a *33pt* lead over the Tories, the highest of any recorded poll since the late 1990s. (Field…

Are Brazil’s pollsters right about the presidential election? · Sep 29

All expect President Jair Bolsonaro to lose, but they differ about the size of his defeat

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Shared by @vahavb
Vendeline von Bredow (@vahavb) · Sep 29
RT @Klaus_Mueller: Der private #Gasverbrauch lag letzte (kalten) Woche deutlich über dem Verbrauch der Vorjahre. Ohne erhebliche Einsparung…

Hohe Preise: Für die Mehrheit großes Problem · Sep 30

Die stark steigenden Preise sind für mehr als die Hälfte der Deutschen ein großes Problem. Im Juli gaben dies noch deutlich weniger an.

Shared by @JeremyCliffe
Jeremy Cliffe (@JeremyCliffe) · Sep 30
RT @thorstenbenner: "Should we support Ukraine despite increasing energy costs?" Remarkable that with cost of energy biting more and more…
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