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Toyota faces disaster unless new CEO performs miracle pivot to electric vehicles · Jan 30

Toyota will need a record breaking strategy if it’s going to survive the electric vehicle revolution.

Shared by @JamesMAstill
James Astill (@JamesMAstill) · Jan 30
RT @DanielBleakley: Toyota is in big trouble. EVs made up just 0.2% of Toyota's production last year. EV market share is surging to 33% i…
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Surgeon General says 13 is 'too early' to join social media | CNN · Jan 30

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy says he believes 13 is too young for children to be on social media platforms, because although sites allow children of that age to join, kids are still "developing their identity."

How Russia dodges oil sanctions on an industrial scale · Jan 30

As another embargo looms, the grey trade is about to explode

Shared by @timjudah1 and one other.
Tim Judah (@timjudah1) · Jan 30
RT @p_zalewski: De-Russification in Ukraine is a bottom-up process, not a matter of government policy. But it is picking up steam. At a rec…
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Trans prisoner fiasco is down to Sturgeon — there’s no one else to blame · Jan 30

Nicola Sturgeon’s government sent a male rapist to a female prison because he said he was a woman. This is the kind of heavy truth considered uncomfortable, and therefore best left unsaid, in modern Scotland. Isla Bryson, formerly known as Adam Graham, only discovered his new identity after he ...

Shared by @adwooldridge
Adrian Wooldridge (@adwooldridge) · Jan 30
RT @jk_rowling: 'Sturgeon’s opponents are wholly entitled to scream “We told you so”. Because they did and then they were treated as though…
Shared by @ARobertsjourno and one other.
Adam Roberts (@ARobertsjourno) · Jan 30
RT @TheEconomist: This senior role involves the researching and writing of articles for our Britain team, in print and online. Apply by Fri…
Daniel Knowles (@dlknowles) · Jan 30
RT @duncanrobinson: We’re hiring a Britain public-policy editor!…">……">…

The Arcadian Incident by Andrew Stickland | Eye Books · Jan 30

The first part in the a thrilling adventure trilogy for young adults set three hundred years in the future, when humans have colonised the Moon and Mars

Putin’s Last Stand · Jan 30

The promise and peril of Russian defeat.

Political turmoil is tearing Peru apart · Jan 30

Two months of often violent protest threaten democracy’s survival

THE ARCADIAN INCIDENT (Book one in The Mars Alone Trilogy) By Andrew Stickland @EyeAndLightning @AndrewStickland #TheArcadianIncident #Bookreview · Jan 30

Available now/ paperback / ISBN:9781785633485 / SYNOPSIS It’s 2312 and Leo Fischer is a fifteen-year-old computer whizz on his first ever journey off Earth. He’s heading to the moon colony to help …

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