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Investing In America | The White House · Jun 06

For decades, the U.S. exported jobs and imported products, while other countries surpassed us in critical sectors like infrastructure, clean energy, semiconductors, and biotechnology. Thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda – including historic legislation passed by Congress a...

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David Hemond (@david_hemond) · Jun 07
RT @Cantkeepquiet3: @StephanieJ_DC @nancyannyerick @chrislhayes The White House just unveiled a new website with an interactive map showing…
The White House (@WhiteHouse) · Jun 06
RT @SecGranholm: 📍NEW WEBSITE >> With $470B mobilized for private sector manufacturing and clean energy investment…
President Biden (@POTUS) · Jun 06
Go to to find out where jobs, manufacturing, and infrastructure investments are happening across America. A few might even be coming to your neighborhood.
Heather Cox Richardson (TDPR) (@HC_Richardson) · Jun 07
RT @vechols: Thx @HC_Richardson for the heads up on the new site: Investing In America - tracks both public infrastructure & private invest…
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Crypto Trading Platform | Buy, Sell, & Trade Crypto in the US | Binance.US · Jun 05

Binance.US is the crypto trading platform for US residents where you can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies and alt coins with some of the lowest fees in the US. Start trading in minutes.

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Techmeme (@Techmeme) · Jun 07
Filings: the SEC started its Binance.US">Binance.US investigation in August 2020; BAM Trading, which runs Binance.US">Binance.US, generated $411M revenue and $225M profit in that time (@jackschickler / CoinDesk)……
Nouriel Roubini (@Nouriel) · Jun 05
RT @SECGov: Today we charged Binance Holdings Ltd. (Binance); U.S.-based affiliate, BAM Trading Services Inc., which, together with Binance…
@jason (@Jason) · Jun 05
From @coindesk: Binance's Chief Compliance Officer told another employee in 2018 that "we are operating as a fking unlicensed securities exchange in the USA," the suit said. OUCH! the end game? in America tokens are securities, play by the SECs rules or face dire consequences…
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Intelligence Officials Say U.S. Has Retrieved Craft of Non-Human Origin - The Debrief · Jun 05

In a Debrief exclusive, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean report that a former official says the U.S. has retrieved craft of non-human origin.

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What if We’re Thinking About Inflation All Wrong? · Jun 06

Isabella Weber’s heterodox ideas about government price controls are transforming policy in the United States and across Europe.

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GitHub - apple/homebrew-apple · Jun 06

Contribute to apple/homebrew-apple development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Prince Harry Takes a Stand for Us All: ‘If They’re Supposedly Policing Society, Who On Earth is Policing Them?’ – Byline Times · Jun 06

The crisis and corruption in the British press is one of the biggest, ongoing scandals of our time. Byline Times tips its hat to Prince Harry

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Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) · Jun 06
RT @peterjukes: “Of all the people to speak of the importance of an accountable press for a healthy democracy, truth and decency, it is fra…
Dr Julia Grace Patterson💙 (@JujuliaGrace) · Jun 07
RT @thomyorke: “It is difficult to see how Britain would be in the position it is in now – weakened politically and economically … –if a tr…
Loni Love (@LoniLove) · Jun 07
RT @BylineTimes: 🔴 Harry Takes a Stand for Us All: ‘If They’re Supposedly Policing Society, Who On Earth is Policing Them?’ The crisis in…
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Live updates: Ukraine accuses Russian forces of blowing up major dam · Jun 06

The Khakovka dam in southern Ukraine's Kherson region has been destroyed, sparking evacuations and fears of mass floods..

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Design for spatial input - WWDC23 - Videos - Apple Developer · Jun 06

Learn how to design great interactions for eyes and hands. We'll share the design principles for spatial input, explore best practices...

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Techmeme Chatter (@TechmemeChatter) · Jun 07
RT @tina__nigro: 🙌 Apple Vision Pro seems to perfectly support direct touch, which is a *fantastic* way to interact with digital content up…
Mike Rundle (@flyosity) · Jun 06
RT @lindadong: So you wanna learn how to design for Apple Vision Pro? 👀 We just dropped 3 must-watch #WWDC23 videos that go over it all…
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Apple Vision Pro Impressions! · Jun 06

I tried Apple's first ever spacial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. There are my honest thoughts.Google Project Starline:

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Techmeme Chatter (@TechmemeChatter) · Jun 06
RT @Casey: ‘a rich person’s toy, a developer’s muse’ @MKBHD does a superb job of answering every question i had about the Vision Pro. HE G…
Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer) · Jun 06
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO - I got to try Apple Vision Pro and ask a ton of questions! Here is everything you need to know (for now) about Apple'…
Ben Bajarin (@BenBajarin) · Jun 06
RT @MKBHD: NEW VIDEO - I got to try Apple Vision Pro and ask a ton of questions! Here is everything you need to know (for now) about Apple'…
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SEC Charges Coinbase for Operating as an Unregistered Securities Exchange, Broker, and Clearing Agency · Jun 06

Coinbase also charged for the unregistered offer and sale of securities in connection with its staking-as-a-service program.

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