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Apple's Vision Pro headset deserves to be ridiculed · Jun 05

Tech companies want us isolated and constantly staring at screens because it drives profit

Rails SaaS Debrief: The Conference that Rewrote the Rulebook · Jun 05

Get in on the Ground Floor: The Rise of the European Rails Conference Circuit You’re Not Part of (Yet!)

Friendly Show | Adrian and Yaro visit the RailsSaaS Conference in Athens, Greece · Jun 07

Yaro and Adrian are online and conference buddies that enjoy speaking about development and tech and want to take you in their journey

Friendly Show E2 Adrian and Yaro visited RailsSaaS Conference in Athens, Greece · Jun 06

Today we talk about our awesome times at the Rails Saas conference in Athens last week. We touched on how well the conference was organized, the great talks,...

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🇺🇦 Yaroslav Shmarov ⚡️ SupeRails 🦉 (@yarotheslav) · Jun 06
🎙️Today @adrianthedev and me talk about our awesome time at @RailsSaaS in Athens last week. We touched on how well the conference was organized, the great talks, the fantastic people we both met. We spoke about activities outside the conference 🍻👯‍♀️🤫

Are you absolutely sure your `has_one` association really has one association? · Jun 05

Learn about an unexpected limitation with this API and how to combat it universally.

Episode 404 - Page Not Found | Drifting Ruby · Jun 04

In this episode, we take a few different approaches in how we display error pages in our Rails application. We'll also look at a few potential problems with each approach that we need to be aware of.

Upgrading from Selenium to Cuprite · Jun 04

When I joined my current company, the system tests for our Rails app used Selenium as the Capybara driver. I didn’t have good experiences with Selenium in the past, mostly it was tedious to have to keep chromedriver up-to-date with the auto-updating Chrome. In this project, I was frequently hit...

Swift for Ruby developers crash course | · Jun 02

If you're a Ruby or Rails developer looking to dive into iOS development, this crash course on Swift is exactly what you need! Ideal for anyone interested in Turbo Native development.

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