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We are currently unavailable in your region · Jan 30

Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in your country. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to your market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award...

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Karl Lauterbach: Gesundheitsminister nennt lange Schulschließungen falsch - WELT · Jan 30

„Das sind Dinge, die hätten nie passieren dürfen“: Gesundheitsminister Lauterbach (SPD) hält die lange Schließung von Schulen und Kitas als Maßnahme in der Corona-Pandemie rückblickend für einen Fehler. Wissenschaftler hätten der Bundesregierung allerdings dazu geraten.

Shared by @OlliLuksic and one other.
Oliver Luksic (@OlliLuksic) · Jan 30
RT @DrScheuch: Man hätte ja auch mal auf andere Wissenschaftler hören können. Als ich mit ihm in einer Talkshow war, habe ich versucht zu e…
Don Alphonso (@_donalphonso) · Jan 30
RT @Tim_Roehn: Ich möchte dann gerne wissen: Wer waren diese Berater, die diese Schulschließungen empfohlen haben? Und auf welcher Basis? W…
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CelesTrak · Jan 30

CelesTrak is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit and we need your help. CelesTrak's mission remains focused on making data and other resources freely available to the space community to facilitate understanding of our orbital environment and how to use it safely and responsibly. We are committed to enhanc...

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A mysterious Adderall shortage reveals how America fails ADHD patients · Jan 31

Patients are struggling to obtain essential medications after an early-pandemic healthcare transformation

Shared by @AthertonKD
Kelsey D. Atherton (@AthertonKD) · Jan 31
RT @wilfredchan: Who should decide who deserves Adderall? In this longread, I examine the role of the DEA in creating the most severe ADHD…
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Professionalize the police · Jan 29

An obvious major reform needs more attention than it's getting.

Shared by @Noahpinion
Noah Smith 🐇🇺🇦 (@Noahpinion) · Jan 30
RT @Noahpinion: More and more, I'm convinced that the big policing reform we need is to professionalize the police, through massively incre…
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Why Environmentalists May Make This Whale Species Extinct · Jan 30

On the 50th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, green groups throw their once-sacred "precautionary principle" to the wind.

Shared by @OlliLuksic
Oliver Luksic (@OlliLuksic) · Jan 30
RT @ShellenbergerMD: The world's most endangered whale is the North Atlantic right whale. Only 340 are left, down from 480 in 2010. Now, 10…
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Framing Hunter Biden · Jan 31

Your quick reference guide for understanding the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal and meta-scandal. Buckle up.

Shared by @AshaRangappa_
Asha Rangappa (@AshaRangappa_) · Jan 31
RT @JeffRoushPoetry: This piece by @AshaRangappa_ provides a fantastic breakdown of the manufactured Hunter Biden laptop scandal. This proc…

Showtime and Paramount+ Merging With Rebrand Planned · Jan 30

Both the linear Showtime channel and the premium version of Paramount+ will be rebranded as CEO Bob Bakish acknowledges "uncertainty" for staff, and company seeks to focus on shows with "franchise" potential.

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Not an anomaly: 2020's red states have higher murder rates · Jan 31

The issue has plagued Democrats for years, but they hope new data will change the crime narrative.

Shared by @nhannahjones
Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) · Jan 31
RT @kylegriffin1: The murder rates in Trump-voting states from 2020 have exceeded those in Biden-voting states every year since 2000. https…
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Remembering Tyre Nichols · Jan 31

The horrific video of Memphis police fatally beating Tyre Nichols has dominated the media this weekend. But another video is circulating, showing Nichols happily skateboarding in his teen years.

Shared by @Toure
Touré (@Toure) · Jan 31
RT @julianahyekim: The video of Tyre Nichols skateboarding as a teenager moved me to my core. I’m so glad they exist. So, I tracked down h…
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