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Why AI Will Save the World | Andreessen Horowitz · Jun 06

There's a full-blown moral panic about AI right now. But the real risk is losing the race to global AI technological superiority.

Shared by @lennysan and 8 others.
Lenny Rachitsky (@lennysan) · Jun 07
RT @pmarca: Why AI Will Save The World -- my new megapost on why you should be excited, not scared, about AI. Enjoy!…
David Haber (@dhaber) · Jun 06
RT @pmarca: Why AI Will Save The World -- my new megapost on why you should be excited, not scared, about AI. Enjoy!…
Yohei (@yoheinakajima) · Jun 06
RT @bznotes: Marc (@pmarca) is an incredible thinker and writer. He writes simply, doesn’t try to become too poetic, and addresses issues h…
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Sequoia Is Splitting Into Three VC Firms · Jun 06

Sequoia’s China and India and Southeast Asia funds are shedding their brand ties, becoming new firms HongShan and Peak XV Partners.

Shared by @GS_VCactivist and 8 others.
Del Johnson (@DelJohnsonVC) · Jun 06
RT @alexrkonrad: Big VC news: Sequoia is splitting into three firms. Sequoia China is now HongShan. Sequoia India is now Peak XV Partners.…
Dave McClure (@davemcclure) · Jun 06
RT @Techmeme: Sequoia plans to split into three firms, Sequoia in the US and Europe, HongShan in China, and Peak XV in India and Southeast…
Santosh Sankar ⚡💥 (@santoshsankar) · Jun 06
RT @theopeninvestor: Sequoia is splitting up into three firms with China and India have an independent structure going forward Via @alexrk…
delian (@zebulgar) · Jun 06
Amazing to see the leadership of @sequoia recognize that China is closer to an adversary than a trading partner Splitting off from Sequoia China takes guts and I hope the other traitorous VC firms follow their lead and do the same!…
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SEC Charges Coinbase for Operating as an Unregistered Securities Exchange, Broker, and Clearing Agency · Jun 06

Coinbase also charged for the unregistered offer and sale of securities in connection with its staking-as-a-service program.

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Design for spatial input - WWDC23 - Videos - Apple Developer · Jun 06

Learn how to design great interactions for eyes and hands. We'll share the design principles for spatial input, explore best practices...

Shared by @benedictevans and one other.
Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) · Jun 07
RT @tina__nigro: 🙌 Apple Vision Pro seems to perfectly support direct touch, which is a *fantastic* way to interact with digital content up…
Yohei (@yoheinakajima) · Jun 06
RT @lindadong: So you wanna learn how to design for Apple Vision Pro? 👀 We just dropped 3 must-watch #WWDC23 videos that go over it all…

Introducing Peak XV Partners · Jun 06

Peak XV Partners (formerly Sequoia Capital India & SEA) is a leading venture capital and growth investing firm.

Shared by @RajanAnandan and 3 others.
Kunal Shah (@kunalb11) · Jun 06
Congrats @singh_sequoia and team Peak XV. Sets the bar for every founder in India to now have global ambitions :)…
Rajan Anandan (@RajanAnandan) · Jun 07
RT @GopalSri: The best 🎉 news for India’s VC ecosystem! The powerhouse team of Sequioa India is now an Indian partner owned firm! Best w…
Shailendra J Singh (@singh_sequoia) · Jun 06
RT @IndianVCA: Our congratulations go out to @peakxvpartners, formerly Sequoia Capital India & SEA, on the new phase of their journey! Read…
Worth reading

Apple Vision · Jun 06

Apple Vision is incredibly compelling, first as a product, and second as far as potential use cases. What it says about society, though, is a bit more pessimistic.

Apple has bought an AR headset startup called Mira · Jun 06

Mira makes headsets for other companies and the military.

Shared by @RichLightShed and one other.
Rich Greenfield, LightShed 🔦 (@RichLightShed) · Jun 06
FTC tried to stop $META from buying @WITHIN but ultimately lost in court Wonder if that outcome and/or Apple being the buyer vs Meta changes their view on this combo? Nice scoop @alexeheath @ZoeSchiffer…
Matthew Ball (@ballmatthew) · Jun 06
RT @alexeheath: Scoop with @ZoeSchiffer: Apple has bought Mira, an AR startup that provides headsets for the Mario Kart ride at Nintendo Wo…

Anti-crypto regulators are blocking the pathway to a digital American dream · Jun 06

Without a workable framework for crypto companies and projects, the U.S. risks forfeiting a massive economic opportunity.

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