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Stripe: Offene Stellen

stripe.com · Oct 12

Unsere Arbeit ist sehr weitreichend, aber im Verhältnis zu den sich bietenden Möglichkeiten sind wir noch relativ klein. Sie möchten mitmachen? Finden Sie heraus, welche Karrierechancen unsere Teams weltweit zu bieten haben.

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Help Devon find a kidney donor with blood type O+/-

kidneyfordevon.com · Oct 07

Kidney failure robbed Devon of a normal life. You can help her get it back.

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swyx 🇸🇬 (@swyx) · Oct 13
RT @devonko_: I'm in desperate search of a kidney donor who meets the following requirements: ∙ Blood type: O+/- ∙ Age: 18-55 ∙ Location:…
Josh W. Comeau (@JoshWComeau) · Oct 07
RT @ManikRathee: Let's find a kidney for Devon: Join me in the search for a type O+/- kidney for @devonko_. Apply to be a living kidney…

CopyAI: Create Marketing Copy In Seconds

copy.ai · Oct 14

We have created the world's most advanced artificial intelligence copywriter that enables you to create marketing copy in seconds!

GitHub - m1guelpf/proof-of-kyc: An NFT that proves you've gone through an identity verification process, powered by Stripe Identity.

github.com · Oct 15

An NFT that proves you've gone through an identity verification process, powered by Stripe Identity. - GitHub - m1guelpf/proof-of-kyc: An NFT that proves you've gone through an identity ver...

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Dream Studio Course

dreamstudiocourse.com · Oct 15

Make your filmed-at-home videos look like Hollywood.

"Ten++ Ways to Make Money as a Developer" eBook

florinpop17.gumroad.com · Oct 04

Knowing how to code is a fantastic skill that you can possess, but did you know that there are multiple ways you can monetize your coding skills?In this eBook we're going to cover TEN++ ways of making money as a developer:Working as a Professional DeveloperFreelancingBloggingRunning a YouTube Cha...


docs.divjoy.com · Oct 12

Updates and improvements to Divjoy. See what's coming up in our roadmap.


divjoy.com · Oct 12

The React codebase generator.

#230 – Grit, Timing, and Building Businesses You Love with Andrew Gazdecki of MicroAcquire | Indie Hackers | Episode 232

share.transistor.fm · Oct 13

Andrew Gazdeki (@agazdecki) has some contrarian viewpoints when it comes to the startup ecosystem today. I invited him here to find out about his beef with TechCrunch and how he is empowering founders with his own company, Microacquire.

Shared by @agazdecki and one other
Andrew Gazdecki (@agazdecki) · Oct 13
Has a blast on this podcast with the legend @csallen, founder of @IndieHackers. We talked about all things startups including.... - Importance of grit & positivity - Bootstrapping @microacquire to $500k+ - Spotting market trends - So much more https://t.co/PbFujYg3Dc

Introducing Serverless Cloud

serverless.com · Oct 13

Introducing the hyper-productive serverless app platform with single second deployments

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swyx 🇸🇬 (@swyx) · Oct 13
Serverless Cloud follows @begin’s footsteps in full stack serverless DX. Why have @netlify and @vercel waited so long to add datastore and scheduled functions? #Jamstack space is heating up 🔥 when I wrote Self Provisioning Runtimes I had no idea people were way ahead of me 👏 https://t.co/jaEXRsMk5f
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