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Course introduction — MySQL for Developers — PlanetScale · Mar 21

Start your journey to becoming a MySQL expert! This introduction video gives an overview of what you'll learn, from queries to schema to indexes, and you'll meet your instructor. Enroll now.

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Shared by @ca98am79
Mike Carson (@ca98am79) · Mar 22
RT @DocumentingBTC: ₿𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚: New Texas #bitcoin bill introduced. "Shall know by this resolution that the Bitcoin economy is welcome in Te…

GitHub Copilot X: The AI-powered developer experience | The GitHub Blog · Mar 22

GitHub Copilot is evolving to bring chat and voice interfaces, support pull requests, answer questions, and adopt OpenAI's GPT-4.

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Justin Jackson — Bootstrapping on Open Standards - The Bootstrapped Founder · Mar 22

Reading Time: 35 minutes Justin Jackson has been successfully bootstrapping with a small team throughout the ups and downs of a shifting economy. He even rejected massive clients to be able to keep running a calm and self-funded business. Find out just how important it is to stay in...

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Shared by @codybrown
codyb (@codybrown) · Mar 22
"@OpenAI sought investment from the US Government but they weren’t interested."…

He got fired. Now he's worth millions (ft. Andrew Gazdecki) | Up Next | Episode 1 · Mar 22

Get ready for the first episode of Up Next! We're chatting with Andrew Gazdecki, a guy who went from being fired to making millions as an entrepreneur. He spills the tea on college, mentorship, and the rollercoaster ride of building (& selling) his first startup, BiznessApps. Plus, find out how...

Rive - Build interactive animations that run anywhere · Mar 22

Use our familiar design and animation tools with our ground-breaking State Machine to create interactive motion graphics for your products, apps, sites, and games.

Build for Value, Not for Applause: Product Management Under Heavy Constraints - The Bootstrapped Founder · Mar 21

Learn how to maximize for qualitative & quantitative impact for your businesses' audience. Bootstrappers have very little time. Here's how to make it count.

CCP Games raises $40M for new triple-A Web3 game in the Eve universe · Mar 21

CCP Games has raised $40 million in funding to make a new triple-A blockchain game set in the Eve Online universe.

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