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Working with jOOQ and Flyway using Testcontainers · Jun 06

This guide will explain how to test your jOOQ and Flyway based application by generating java code from database using Testcontainers.

JCON 2022 - Choose your JCON experience · Jun 05

JCON 2022 - Choose your JCON experience

Shared by @lukaseder and one other.
Lukas Eder (@lukaseder) · Jun 06
RT @jcon_conference: See @simas_ch at #JCON2023 in Cologne talk about 'Do You Really Need Hibernate?' Projects often use #Java Persistence…
A N M Bazlur Rahman 🇧🇩🇨🇦 (@bazlur_rahman) · Jun 05
RT @jcon_conference: See @bazlur_rahman at #JCON2023 in Cologne talks about 'A Tale of Two Cities: How Blocking Calls Are Treated?' We don…
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