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A16z Crypto’s Record New $4.5 Billion Fund Doubles Down On Web3 Amid Market Crash

forbes.com · May 26

Midas List No.1 Chris Dixon and a16z crypto's $4.5 billion fund, a record for venture funds in the sector, comes as prices have crashed recently.

Government launches taskforce to boost women starting fast-growing companies

gov.uk · May 26

The ‘Taskforce on Women-Led High-Growth Enterprises’ will support women entrepreneurs, tackle investing barriers, and increase the number of women-led fast-growing businesses.

Co-Founder of Environment start up - CEO, CTO, CMO - Zinc Venture Builder - Zinc Ventures Limited

apply.workable.com · May 26

Zinc is seeking 70 entrepreneurial individuals from across the globe to build businesses that will transform the industries that have the most impact on our environmental crisis.The Venture Builder starts in-person, in our London HQ, in October 2022. W...

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Shared by @hkanji
hussein kanji (@hkanji) · May 26
RT @mjs_DC: A casual observer might reasonably conclude that Ginni and Clarence Thomas are working in tandem to lay the groundwork for the…
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Moderate-turned-MAGA Rep. Elise Stefanik's stock is rising in Trump world

edition.cnn.com · May 25

Donald Trump hasn't said if he will run for president again, but that doesn't seem to be stopping him from privately musing about his potential running mate if he does. The latest person to catch his eye: Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York, the moderate-turned-MAGA star who has developed a strong re...

Shared by @hkanji
hussein kanji (@hkanji) · May 25
RT @MZanona: NEWS: Trump is eyeing Elise Stefanik for a potential running mate if he runs in 2024. And while VEEP talk is premature, the id…

The Onion | America's Finest News Source.

theonion.com · May 25

The Onion brings you all of the latest news, stories, photos, videos and more from America's finest news source.

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Tim Sweeney: Epic will fight Apple and Google to keep the metaverse open

ft.com · May 26

‘Fortnite’ game creator says tech giants must not be allowed to use monopoly power to dominate new platforms, as they do with smartphone apps

Shared by @ediggs
Eze Vidra (@ediggs) · May 26
RT @Techmeme: Q&A with Epic CEO Tim Sweeney on creating the metaverse, growing the Unreal Engine, Apple and Google's app store policies, Me…
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It is time to go out, again!

yannickoswald.com · May 26

How can you say we are sort of out of the pandemic without saying we’re out of the pandemic? On my transatlantic flight two weeks ago (the first one in a long time!), passengers weren’t 'really' wearing masks anymore. Last week in Mexico, I attended the first Kauffmann summit in three years, ...

The Collison Brothers Built Stripe Into A $95 Billion Unicorn With Eye-Popping Financials. Inside Their Plan To Stay On Top

forbes.com · May 26

Billionaire brothers John and Patrick Collison built Stripe into one of the world’s most-hyped, highest valued — and profitable! — startups, worth some $95 billion. Now they must stave off going from disruptor to disrupted.

Shared by @mr_james_c
James Clark 🇺🇦 (@mr_james_c) · May 26
RT @realBobbyHealy: Nice to be included in the Forbes deep dive on Stripe and @collision's visit to the @MannaAero operation in Ireland. T…

Physicists Trace the Rise in Entropy to Quantum Information | Quanta Magazine

quantamagazine.org · May 26

The second law of thermodynamics is among the most sacred in all of science, but it has always rested on 19th century arguments about probability. New arguments trace its true source to the flows of quantum information.

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