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Outlive: The Science & Art of Longevity - New Book by Peter Attia · Dec 01

A groundbreaking manifesto on living better and longer that challenges the conventional medical thinking on aging and reveals a new approach to preventing chronic disease and extending long-term health, from a visionary physician and leading longevity expert.

Shared by @GuruAnaerobic
GuruAnaerobic (@GuruAnaerobic) · Dec 01
RT @PeterAttiaMD: I'm excited to announce that after more than 6 yrs of planning, research, writing, rewriting, editing, & rewriting, my bo…
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The 4 Specters of Modernity · Dec 02

Many people are faced with old, familiar problems: get water, get food, get shelter. While these problems still exist, they are on the decline overall (Stephe...

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The Angel’s in the Details · Dec 02

Make a Big Deal About the Little Things

Shared by @david_perell
David Perell (@david_perell) · Dec 02
I also like this line from @dunn: "Only by being obsessed with little things do amazing things emerge. The culture of little things emerges from the top down, not only by what is celebrated, but by what is role modeled." Here's the original article.…
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Credit cards as a legacy system · Dec 02

Credit cards have been in use for almost 75 years. Some long-ago decisions still cause consequences in the present day. But change is possible.

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Brood Meridian · Dec 02

Cormac McCarthy’s dream songs about genius siblings in love – Justin Taylor

Shared by @GuruAnaerobic
GuruAnaerobic (@GuruAnaerobic) · Dec 02
RT @SethLargo: A bit of inspiration for all you writers out there. Apparently Cormac McCarthy never sold more than 5k copies of a book unti…
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Healthy Biodiversity Is The Reason To Fight Climate Change · Dec 02

"We have over-simplified our planet. For a sustainable future, we need to bring back bio-complexity."

Nobody Knows Anything · Dec 02

I can't remember a time in my life when so many got so much wrong in their predictions about the future. Not in politics, not in culture, not in technology, not in economics, not in medicine, not anywhere. It's been a profoundly humbling phase of human history for both the experts that predict fo...

Inkbase: Programmable Ink · Dec 02

What would be possible if hand-drawn sketches were programmable like spreadsheets?

Shared by @Conaw
Conor White-Sullivan 𐃏🔍🇺🇸 (@Conaw) · Dec 02
If you haven’t played with @CuttleXYZ it’s one of my favorite tools on the web today - more narrow use case, but beautifully done - end user programming with no upper limit, for case of designing patterns for cutting machines - listed in prior art of this

Danny Foley on Dialing Between a Fascial or Muscle Emphasis in Training - Just Fly Sports · Dec 01

Today’s episode features Danny Foley. Danny is a performance coach and Co-founder of Rude Rock Stre

From Easy Money To Hard Conversations · Dec 02

As an early-stage startup investor, this year, 2022, has been marked by one thing: Hard Conversations. Lots of them. Each conversation is different, but depending on the situation, they fall into o…

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