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Smallest sliver of time yet measured sees electrons fleeing atom · Jul 03

Ultrafast lasers have measured how long electrons take to be booted from a helium atom with zeptosecond precision – trillionths of a billionth of a second

Shared by @vgr
Venkatesh Rao (@vgr) · Jul 03
RT @Rainmaker1973: The zeptosecond is a unit of time equal to 0.000 000 000 000 000 000 001 seconds, that is, 10⁻²¹ seconds: it's the small…
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I Believe We Live in a Simulation | Binance Blog · Jul 03

Whenever you face a new challenge, know that it’s just part of the simulation. And you just need to make the best out of it.

What is ergodicity? - Luca Dellanna · Jul 03

Ergodicity is the study of how payoffs scale over time and space. It concerns business, relationships, sports, traveling, and many more aspects of our life. Tak

Gang Fit (Part 1) · Jul 03

42 essays (200 to 1000+ words)55 pages13 tests, tasks & challenges-------------------------------------INTRODUCTIONSmash up the world Discover different worlds without a spaceshipDon’t leave your education to schoolDynamic EnduranceThe Educated IdiotBecome unemployableSurvive without moneySomat...

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GuruAnaerobic (@GuruAnaerobic) · Jul 03
RT @GuruAnaerobic: 'GANG FIT' You're the Hammer or the Anvil - 'Claws, Horns, Teeth & Hooves'…

Book Reviews: The Trouble with Physics, Not Even Wrong · Jul 03

Two recent popular science books provide a startling peek into the deep scientific and sociological troubles in the world of superstring theory. Not Even Wrong by Peter Woit and The Trouble with Physics by Lee Smolin together triangulate the core of the trouble. If you, like me, have been distrac...

The Ultimate Guide to Unbundling Reddit · Jul 04

Reddit is one of my favorite places on the internet. It's like an early version of a metaverse, where people come together to create interconnected worlds, each with its own culture. That interconnectedness is what makes Reddit great, but for the system to work, each community has to conform to t...

California's legal cannabis became a public health disaster · Jul 03

A ROW of luxury ‘healing’ creams is guarded by a locked glass cabinet, gilded in gold trim.

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