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Deploying a PR for Review · Aug 09

Deploying a PR to a temporary server sounds like a great way to iterate faster! Jason Axelson shares how he did that on We cover benefits to the team, workflow, testing, doing it on and more!

Release v1.14.0-rc.0 · elixir-lang/elixir · Aug 02

Elixir v1.14 brings many improvements to the debugging experience in Elixir and data-type inspection. It also includes a new abstraction for easy partitioning of processes called PartitionSuperviso...

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Using ETS to speed up database imports by almost 300% · Aug 08

A guide for Elixir developers (and why you might want to)

Wrangler Language Server · Aug 08

Documentation for RefactoringTools projects

The Titanic Machine Learning Problem in Elixir · Aug 04

Elixir news and status updates from the community for Elixir and Phoenix

Underjord | The Underjord Newsletter · Jul 29

Not every thought needs to be a blog post. Some ideas are more fun in a more personal setting. I write quite a bit and some of it goes to the blog here. But I also write every week for my newsletter. So if you enjoy my writing and the sentiments I share here I would recommend trying it out. You c...

Intro to Elixir For Data Science · Aug 10

Is there room in the Data Science world for another option? The go-to programming languages are and have been Python and R. Could there be another contender? I'd like to invite you to join me on a new series I'm calling Elixir for Data Science. In it, we'll walk through

Elixir Radar 347 · Aug 10

It's common for uploaded files to be related to some object in the app. For instance, users, products, reports, blog posts, etc. That means saving binary data somewhere (the file) and keeping track of the file and its association with an object in a database. This post shows how to do that, from ...

How SQLite helps you do ACID · Aug 10

Let's take a peek at how the rollback journal works.

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Making Tabs Mobile Friendly · Aug 10

Can we make a mobile-friendly tabs component that switches to a SELECT input on narrow screens? Can we do it all client-side without Alpine.js? Let's find out!

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