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Introducing Apple Vision Pro: Apple’s first spatial computer · Jun 05

Apple today unveiled Apple Vision Pro, a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world.

The centrality of AffineTraversal · Jun 05

Today’s subject is optics. This article is not extensive enough to qualify as an introduction to the subject, but it does offer a palatable sample. If I had to vote for the worst example of off-putting Haskell jargon, I think it would be "affine traversal." My math background is not insubstanti...

Lung cancer pill cuts risk of death by half, says ‘thrilling’ study · Jun 04

Taking the drug osimertinib once a day after surgery reduces chance of patients dying by 51%, trials show

Climate Reanalyzer · Jun 04

Click data point on chart to update map below.

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